X-Men Arcade Games by Konami

In 1992 Konami released the X-Men arcade game, a side-scrolling beat-em-up. There were 2 versions of the arcade, one that allowed up to 4 players to simultaneously play and another larger version that allowed up to 6 players.

Konami seemed to want to highlight the ‘X’ in X-Men, calling themselves eXperts in video game entertainment, and pointing out there were no eXcuses to miss out on eXperiencing the eXcitement.

Konami had come a long way since its jukebox rental and repair business when it was founded in 1969, and by the 90s it had numerous video games to its name including those shown in the image below: Rush ‘N Attack, Track & Field, Top Gun, Castlevania, Double Dribble, Stinger, The Goonies II and Gradius.

Konami, 1988

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