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We support the people of Palestine! 🇵🇸

Who Shot Mr. Burns?

Who Shot Mr. Burns? was a two-episode mystery and reveal in The Simpsons, aired on the season finale of Season 6 (21st May, 1995) and the season premiere of Season 7 (17th September, 1995).

In the first episode Mr. Burns causes considerable resentment among residents of Springfield, particularly through his grand scheme of blocking out sunlight in the town and forcing people to become more dependent on Burns’ nuclear power plant for their energy needs.

The culprit was kept a tightly guarded secret and the mystery was the topic of many discussions and theories during the summer of 1995. Who Shot Mr. Burns? was also The Simpsons being in their parodic element, a throwback to ‘Who shot J.R.?’, the season finale of Dallas, aired on 21st March, 1980.

This ad was shown in Bongo Comics Group’s ‘Simpsons Comics’, issue #11 (1995).

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