Undertaker makes final WWE appearance at Survivor Series 2020

WWE wrestler the Undertaker is making his final appearance at Survivor Series in November 2020. He first appeared in the WWE, then known as the World Wrestling Federation, in November 1990. His final appearance will mark 30 years in the WWE.

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Josef Lind
November 7, 2020 11:53 am

From what I’ve read and heard over the years, the Undertaker has often been described as a respectable member of the WWE locker room (I’ll use WWE and WWF interchangeably). In “The Rock Says”, a book released by The Rock, The Rock writes about how he was new to the WWF and his quick ascent among the ranks. When it was decided that The Rock would become the WWF champion, the Undertaker was supportive and told him it was “his turn and his time”. Quite a disparity compared to others who tried to hold him down.

It’s widely understood that the WWE is incredibly political. Not much different from any organization, right? But there are countless stories of people who had talent, but were buried professionally because they didn’t get along with a certain member of the locker room. Lance Storm, another wrestler who was one of the earlier bloggers (before everyone got on social media), used to mention how wrestlers could act like children at times – a symptom of being on the road for the majority of the year. And the Hardy Boyz mentioned in their book that in order to be successful in the WWE, you really had to be ruthlessly selfish.

The Undertaker also decided to stay with the WWF during the Monday Night Wars in the late 90s, when WCW was outperforming WWF and was poaching some of its biggest superstars. His loyalty to the company along with his incredible longevity is likely why the WWE is making a big deal of his last appearance. An end of an era.

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Rayan Tanwar
November 8, 2020 8:34 am

For many fans, the Undertaker’s role backstage is just as interesting as his matches in the ring. When the ‘Montreal Screwjob’ took place, only Vince McMahon’s inner circle knew what was planned. To avoid any interference from the Undertaker, he was actually called into Vince’s office to watch the match from there, so he could be kept out of the way 仁

In an ESPN interview, Undertaker says that Bret felt something was planned. He had his suspicions and so did the Undertaker. When it actually did go down and there was chaos backstage, the Undertaker, who had a general role as peacemaker or arbiter, took Shawn aside when Vince and Bret were talking. He thought if Shawn chimed in during the discussion, it would make things worse 不

Ernest Vicente
November 7, 2020 8:56 pm

His nickname was “dead man”, but like the rest of us, he’s only human too. I remember listening to an interview a while back and he talked about how he could eat what he wanted in his younger years, but then had to watch what he was eating as he got a bit older.

After he’d been in the WWE for 10 years (1990-2000), the WWE ran a campaign, a Decade of Destruction. I remember finding it quite funny when someone in the crowd had a sign that said, “UNDERTAKER. YOU NEED TO RETIRE.” What was even funnier was when the Undertaker did his ring entrance, he was right next to the guy holding the sign. A friend of the guy holding the sign was trying her best to get the guy to put the sign away 不不 I’m pretty sure the Undertaker saw it!

But that’s a testament to his longevity. He went on to go for 20 more years, albeit at a reduced schedule. He was definitely smarter in his gameplan. Many people came into the business and to get ahead, they would do crazy stunts and moves. There’s a much shorter shelf life for those kinds of wrestlers. Undertaker, however, didn’t really take those risks. So he was able to keep his body from breaking down and to keep his character fresh.