We support the people of Palestine! 🇵🇸
We support the people of Palestine! 🇵🇸

The World’s Fastest Growing Jobs

As we progress through the 2020s the job market is going through unprecedented change as companies step up their digitalisation and sustainability efforts, and attempt to leverage the AI-revolution that’s upon us. Valued professional skills are expected to be applied to new jobs, some of which haven’t even been invented yet. With many jobs potentially at risk of displacement, people are seeking jobs that are in high demand. These are the top 10 fastest growing jobs:

  1. AI and Machine Learning Specialists: While talk of AI has been around for a while, the release of ChatGPT has brought it to the forefront. Many companies are looking at the potential to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase revenues by leveraging generative AI and machine learning capabilities.
  2. Sustainability Specialists: Global warming, a growing global population and scarce resources such as water, along with regulation that requires companies to reduce their carbon footprint means sustainability specialists will be in high demand.
  3. Business Intelligence Analysts: In the world of Big Data, data in and of itself doesn’t mean much unless insights can be extracted and the intelligence derived from it can be applied.
  4. Information Security Analysts: Cybersecurity continues to be of great importance as viruses, hacking, fraud and compromised business systems are daily occurrences. It’s likely AI and machine learning technologies will be utilised for malicious purposes as well.
  5. Fintech Engineers: How we pay for products has changed drastically in the past few years. Some societies are heading towards cashless financial ecosystems, cryptocurrencies are increasingly being adopted as substitutes to traditional currency and mobile banking continues to gain popularity. People desire greater investment opportunities, whether in the stock market or seed funding for start-ups, and fintech hopes to meet this demand.
  6. Data Analysts and Scientists: Picking out trends, predicting consumer behaviour, foreseeing shortages of supplies; analysing data to inform decision making continues to be of high importance, particularly when data is increasingly being seen as “the new oil”.
  7. Robotics Engineers: The Industrial Revolution of the 1700s changed our world as we shifted away from agrarian production to industrialisation. We’re in the middle of a new revolution, dubbed by some as the ‘Robotics Revolution’. More efficient manufacturing and performing complex tasks such as surgery will require highly skilled and trained robotics engineers to push this revolution to its potential.
  8. Electrotechnology Engineers: Installing, servicing and maintaining electrical equipment is hugely important, particularly as huge swathes of the global population are still without electrification and internet access.
  9. Agricultural Equipment Operators: With all the talk of AI, machine learning and robotics, it’s easy to overlook some of the simplest priorities; the fact that we are human and need food to survive. Agricultural equipment operators will be of great importance as the failure to mitigate climate change, and by consequence ensure food security, is among the greatest risks facing the world today.
  10. Digital Transformation Specialists: Companies the world over are making shifts towards digitalisation. From selling products on e-commerce platforms to advertising on social media to paying suppliers through online payment platforms, companies don’t want to be left behind.

Source of data: The Future of Jobs Report 2023, World Economic Forum

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