The World’s Cleanest (Least Polluted) Cities

Having taken a look at the world’s most polluted major cities, it’s time we take a look at the cleanest or least polluted major cities. IQAir, an air quality information platform, provides real-time rankings of the cleanest major cities in the world. The top 10 are:

  1. Montreal, Canada
  2. Oslo, Norway
  3. Moscow, Russia
  4. Detroit, USA
  5. Melbourne, Australia
  6. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  7. Astana, Kazakhstan
  8. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  9. Yangon, Myanmar
  10. Birmingham, UK

The rankings are highly variable, with changes in a city’s position capable of rising or falling every hour. At the time of this writing, Nagoya, Kobe and Tokyo (Japan) have now entered the top 10, pushing cities such as Yangon (Myanmar), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Astana (Kazakhstan) into the 10-20 range.

IQAir’s major city rankings measures over 100 global cities with measured PM2.5 data.

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