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We support the people of Palestine! 🇵🇸

The Bubble Gum Wars – Bubble Yum vs Hubba Bubba

Bubble Yum, 1982
Bubble Yum, 1988

You may be familiar with the console wars of the 1990s between Nintendo and Sega or the ongoing cola wars between Pepsi and Coca-Cola, but what about the bubble gum wars?

The first commercial bubble gum available to the general public was introduced in 1975 under the Bubble Yum brand. As a novel candy, soft bubble gum gained popularity quickly, inviting competitor brands into the market.

Hubba Bubba was launched in 1979 and marketed not only for its juicy taste, but also for its “amazing no-stick bubbles“. The Hubba Bubba ad shown above tells the fate of a boy who chose a non-Hubba Bubba bubble gum brand. He had to wear a paper bag over his head because of bubble gum stuck to his face.

Both Bubble Yum and Hubba Bubba are still on sale today, Bubble Yum under the Hershey Company brand and Hubba Bubba under the Wrigley Company brand.

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