SkyBridge at Langkawi, Malaysia

View at Langkawi SkyBridge, Malaysia

If epic views are your thing, then the SkyBridge at Langkawi, Malaysia is a good option to add to the bucket list. Langkawi is an archipelago off the northwest coast of Malaysia, with the largest island (also named Langkawi) often visited for its beaches. The SkyBridge also commonly and unsurprisingly referred to as the “Sky Bridge” is a 125 metre curved pedestrian bridge. Its elements were airlifted by helicopter and then assembled at high up in the mountains. As with any popular tourist destination, be prepared for long queues. There is an option to purchase an express ticket if waiting in the heat and humidity of Malaysia isn’t too appealing.

Getting up to the SkyBridge is done via the SkyCab, promoted as the longest free span mono-cable car. The SkyCab takes visitors up the Machincang mountain, and at 650 metres above sea level one can take in the views at the Middle Station. Continuing the upward journey, the Top Station will take visitors to the top of Machincang mountain at 708 metres above sea level. A great place to take in views of the Langkawi archipelago and southern Thailand.

According to Langkawi legend, Mount Machincang, Mount Raya and Sawar Hill were people who transformed themselves into their present mountainous form. As the story goes, Raya’s daughter is engaged to Machincang’s son. Machincang’s son commits adultery with another virgin girl, causing discord between the two families. Raya and Machincang turned themselves into mountains, known as Gunung Raya and Gunung Chinchang. Another individual named Sawar, who is mediating the dispute, has turned into a hill to separate the two mountains.

SkyCab, Langkawi, Malaysia
Riding the SkyCab in Langkawi
A view into the Strait of Malacca from Langkawi
Riding to the top of Machincang mountain
View from the top of Machincang mountain, Langkawi Malaysia
View from the Top Station, Machincang Mountain
View of the SkyBridge, Langkawi, Malaysia
View of the SkyBridge from above
Legends of Machincang Mountain, Mount Raya and Sawar Hill, Langkawi Malaysia
Mythology of Langkawi

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