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Simpsons Comics #1: Bongo Comics

Simpsons Comics #1, Bongo Comics

In 1993 Bongo Comics Group entered the realm of comics by publishing Simpson Comics (as well as Bartman, Itchy & Scratchy and Radioactive Man).

In Simpsons Comics #1, Matt Groening explains the rationale for creating a series of Simpsons-themed comics:

What we’re trying to do at the Bongo Comics Group is take our lifelong love of great comics and see if we can wade in with our own stuff — putting out the best comic books we can, with good (deceptively simple) art and plenty of aught that seem so rare in comics these days…

What we try to do with the TV show is quite unusual: We sneak in little details for the real fans (like you). That’s why we change the opening credits with different couch gags every week, why we sneak in funny signs in the backgrounds, and why we stick in what we call freeze-frame jokes – secret in-jokes that you’ll only get by hunting and searching a videotaped Simpsons episode with your remote control.

We call this revolutionary concept in TV entertainment Rewarding You For Paying Attention. And now we’re trying to do Reward You For Paying Attention to our comic books.

Simpsons Comics issue #1 is titled “The Amazing Colossal Homer”. Mr. Burns has commissioned the development of a Rejuvenator Ray that will hopefully help him reverse his ageing so he can rule humanity with an iron fist!

Homer Simpson is chosen as a suitable test subject. Homer is blasted with the Rejuvenator Ray and transforms into a giant the next morning – much to Mr. Burns’ delight, as he feels that’s a better effect than reversing age. He imagines himself being like the jolly green giant… only not green, and not jolly.

After some unintended destruction by Homer and media attention at the Simpsons house, Homer is shot with a tranquiliser that returns him to his normal state.

The comic ends with Mr. Burns ordering continuation of the research.

An “excellent” first issue.

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