Scottie in a Cracker Jack Story

Here’s a 1982 ad for Cracker Jack popcorn and peanuts. Cracker Jack is known for being sold at baseball games, hence the theme of the ad. It starts off with the coach sympathetically telling Scottie that the game is tied and if he messes up, it’s all over.

Scottie is close to striking out until some random fan from the stands shouts out, “You can do it Scottie! You’re a cracker jack.” In a more realistic scenario Scottie would probably enquire as to what that heckler was shouting about, but it’s a comic ad, and of course he hits a home run. The remaining parts of the page show Scottie celebrating and features the actual Cracker Jack product; crunchy caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts.

Moral of the story? Call someone a cracker jack and they’ll hit a home run.

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