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Radioactive Man #1, Bongo Comics

Radioactive Man #1, Bongo Comics
Radioactive Man #1, Bongo Comics

In 1993, not November 1952(!), Bongo Comics published its first issue of Bart Simpson’s favourite comic book, Radioactive Man (along with Simpsons Comics, Bartman and Itchy & Scratchy) – in all its parodied glory.

Claude Kane III overhears some individuals talking about disposing of Dr. Kane, Claude’s father, and collecting money. This reminds Claude that hasn’t yet picked up this week’s allowance so he decides visit his father at his lab.

In taking a wrong turn he finds himself exposed to a mega-bomb explosion. Rather than ‘pulverizing’ him, the explosion gives Claude super strength, the ability to fly, protection against bullets and… a lightning bolt embedded on his head.

Radioactive Man #1, Bongo Comics

As Radioactive Man takes the fight to ze evil Dr. Krab, the issue is filled with satirical humour that is just as relevant today as it was in 1993 1952. A certain Mr. Bellwether talks about the bad influence of evil comic books. The solution, he asserts, is to buy his comic books instead. Hartley, America’s typical favourite cartoon teenager “will solve the problem overnight”.

When Radioactive Man smashes through ze evil Dr. Krab’s wall, the Soviet laments how, for a capitalist, Radioactive Man shows surprisingly little regard for private property.

When at a congressional committee meeting Radioactive Man is talking to someone with a “coincidental” resemblance to Richard Nixon, RM suggests he installs a taping system to spy on subversives.

And on the back cover there’s a parody of Charles Atlas’ Dynamic Tension muscle building course. Instead of the Insult that Made a Man out of Mac, we’re given The Hold-Up That Made a Hero out of Mac.

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