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We support the people of Palestine! 🇵🇸

Old Coca-Cola ads from the early 1900s

Coca-Cola advert circa 1911, Woman sipping on a Coca-Cola drink

In 1886 the world’s first Coca-Cola drink was served by Dr. John Pemberton at Jacobs’ Pharmacy. It’s come a long way from its humble beginnings of 9 drinks sold per day to Coca-Cola being the second most recognized phrase in the world, behind “OK”. In the following years, various phrases were used to promote Coca-Cola including “Delicious and refreshing”, “A Delightful Summer or Winter Beverage”, and “The Most Refreshing Drink in the World”.

Here are two Coca-Cola adverts from circa 1911 that use some convincing marketing copy. Every day – many times a day, it just seems as if nothing would satisfy. Drink Coca-Cola. There’s nothing like it. It’s as wholesome as pure water, and quenches the thirst as nothing else will. Delicious – Refreshing – Wholesome. Whenever you see an Arrow think Coca-Cola.

The second advert uses the arrow concept once again but this time has a lady drinking Coca-Cola from a straw, unlike the previous highly sophisticated, pinky-extended sipping from a glass. There never was a thirst that Coca-Cola couldn’t satisfy. It goes, straight as an arrow, to the dry spot. And besides this, Coca-Cola satisfies to a T the call for something purely delicious and deliciously pure – and wholesome. Delicious. Refreshing. Thirst-Quenching.

These Coca-Cola adverts were displayed in a hotel in Lima, Peru.

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