London: An underrated city of lights

What city comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘city of lights’? Perhaps you think of Paris, whose nickname is ‘The City of Light’, deriving from its illumination in the 1600s to make the city safer or from its reputation as a centre of intellectual pursuits. Maybe you think of Tokyo, whose plethora of neon lighting creates a remarkable urban landscape of fluorescent stores, restaurants and shopping centres.

London, however, has its own charm and has sufficient justification to be called a city of lights. As in the photo above, London’s rush hour brings the city to life with light emanating from vehicles, stores and office blocks. Bridges across the Thames River illuminate across a backdrop of glowing buildings and skyscrapers. And even the deserted streets in the early hours of the morning glimmer with a radiance that indicates a city soon to be buzzing with the frenetic energy of a global centre. If lights are your thing, London has it in abundance.

Tower Bridge & The River Thames at night, London
Tower Bridge, London
Oxford Street, London
Oxford Street in the early hours of the morning
Southwark Bridge & The River Thames at night, London
A view of Southwark Bridge and the City of London

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