Itchy & Scratchy Comics #1: Bongo Comics

Itchy & Scratchy Comics #1, Bongo

In 1993 Bongo Comics Group published its first issue of Itchy & Scratchy Comics (as well as Simpsons Comics, Bartman and Radioactive Man). [Note: Itchy & Scratchy Comics Holiday Hi-Jinx Special #1 is a different comic].

The first issue is a violent one, as one can reasonably assume from the cover and the title: Around The World In 80 Pieces. Following completion of another season of The Itchy And Scratchy Show, it’s time for a vacation but Scratchy is left wondering why he’s short of cash despite being part of a popular TV show.

Scratchy’s talent manager shows him the contract he signed:

Itchy & Scratchy Comics #1, payment contract that gives Scratchy 0%

Scratchy learns about a million dollar prize offered in a round-the-world race and decides to enter. Much to Scratchy’s annoyance, Itchy joins as a late entrant. The race is, of course, full of cartoon violence but Scratchy eventually crosses the finish line… Well, his decapitated head does. Thinking that he’s won the $1 million, he learns that official rules state “decapitated noggins do not count”.

In this issue Bongo kindly provides readers with a body part diagram of Itchy & Scratchy.

Itchy & Scratchy body part diagram

Bongo also informs us of Itchy & Scratchy’s Top 40 (similar to Bart Simpson’s Top Bottom 40 in Bartman #1), which includes unnatural disasters and bazookas.

Itchy & Scratchy's Top 40

Readers are also encouraged to exercise their imagination and artistic creativity onto Itchy & Scratch in an “Arms Race”. [Bongo ran a Homer Simpson art competition and announced winners in 1994].

Itchy & Scratchy 'Arms Race'

Readers’ drawings were published in Itchy & Scratchy Comics #2.

Itchy & Scratchy art
Itchy & Scratchy art

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