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Iron Man vs. The Hulk

In 1980, Marvel published three Iron Man vs The Hulk comics; issues #131, #132 & #133.

Issue #131

The Hulk is causing a traffic jam on the Long Island Expressway because he’s opened up a truck, and is sitting down on the road, eating fruit. Tony Stark is in one of the cars and makes a quick getaway to put on his Iron Man suit. The police think it’s a good idea to shoot at the Hulk, which enrages him, at which point Iron Man arrives. Iron Man is on the receiving end of a Hulk punch, which gives those pesky humans another bright idea; use a bazooka. The Hulk eventually calms down after saving a child from the misplaced bazooka shot.

Issue #132

Once again The Hulk finds himself being shot at. It seems the police didn’t quite learn their lesson the previous time. Iron Man arrives and gets a welcome punch just like last time. A battle ensues that takes them both to the water and to an air base. The Hulk gets stunned by a massive explosion and Iron Man puts all his effort into final strike. The Hulk is out cold, but Iron Man collapses. A defeat for the Hulk, but at what cost?

Iron Man vs. The Hulk

Issue #133

Well, Iron Man and The Hulk don’t fight it out in this issue. The Ant-Man tries to find a way to revive Iron Man by exploring the inner workings of his suit. He’s successful in doing so, and Bruce Banner thanks Tony Stark for his help.

So is there a winner between Iron Man and The Hulk? Iron Man defeated The Hulk in issue #132. But also at the cost of overloading his suit’s circuitry. This could be considered a win for Iron Man or a draw.

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