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    Is BeReal the next big thing?

    BeReal is a photo sharing app that provides “A new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily life.” At a random time every day, you and your friends are notified to share a photo within 2 minutes. As of May 2022, BeReal has over 1 million downloads on Google […] More

  • The downfall of the influencer

    In 2019 a study found only 4% of users believe the bulk of information shared by influencers. Conversion rates and engagement on influencer content has also seen a decline. From a personal viewpoint my trust in social media influencers is very low. From the lack of authenticity in their product promotions to the plethora of […] More

  • The ubiquity of VR glasses

    The image of a society where everyone is wearing a VR headset or smartglasses seems futuristic. Perhaps we are closer than we think. Mobile phone are everywhere. VR glasses represent technological evolution and will become as ubiquitous as mobile phones. Discuss… More

  • Artificial Intelligence and the internet

    Is artificial intelligence and the internet a good match? I have been thinking about this recently because of how prevalent it is. Is it making the internet easier and better to use? We are still at the early stages of AI development and some jobs need a human touch. Investments in AI are growing at […] More

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  • TikTok earned $58 billion in 2021

    TikTok revenues reached $58 billion in 2021, a 70% increase from 2020. Although TikTok’s revenues are at their absolute highest, revenue growth has slowed down, possibly because of stricter regulations from the Chinese government. Source: Reuters. More

  • Who will win the metaverse war?

    It’s becoming a daily routine to hear new developments about the metaverse, from poaching of talent to Meta’s AI supercomputer. The big question is: Who will come out on top? Will there be a dominant platform or is the metaverse a lot of hype? How do you see the metaverse war playing out? More

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