Global Travel Sentiment 2022

The desire to travel to various destinations around the globe is constantly changing. Data sourced from the UNWTO shows that interest in traveling to some countries stayed relatively stable throughout 2022, whereas other countries experience considerable variability. The desire to travel to China, for example, rose at the beginning of 2022, dipped in March, experienced a steady resurgence and then plummeted during the summer months.

'Travel sentiment' scores are calculated via an analysis of web social conversations about travel to a particular country. The score is calculated as the percentage of positive comments minus the percentage of negative comments:

Sentiment = (% of positive comments) - (% of negative comments)

World travel sentiment, which doesn't refer to any specific destination in particular, and examines the tonality of conversations about travel and tourism in general, remained relatively stable throughout 2022.

Source of data: UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker

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