Floyd Mayweather fights Logan Paul in boxing exhibition match

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather fought YouTube star Logan Paul in an 8 round boxing exhibition match. It is estimated that Mayweather made over $50 million and Paul made over $5 million for the fight.

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Paulina Klaman
June 11, 2021 10:28 am

The earnings of both fighters is colossal. If Floyd Mayweather made at least $50 million, then that’s $34,722 per second, an amount higher than the annual median income in the United States!

Francis Ngannou, the UFC Heavyweight Champion, posted a tweet asking “WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG?” in response to Logan Paul’s estimated earning of $20 million. The response has been mixed. UFC fans appreciate the sacrifice MMA fighters have to make to get to that level. Only the most elite, hardest working athletes get there. So they should be compensated accordingly.

The counter argument is that any fight that sells tickets and PPVs is a business. Like it or not, Logan Paul is an influencer with large pulling power. He isn’t the most technically sound boxer, nor is he an elite fighter. He is the reason, though, for large sales figures.

The fight game will always be a business. You can be the best fighter in the world, but if few people want to see you fight, your earning potential will be limited. To respond to Francis Ngannou’s tweet, I would say he and other UFC fighters complaining about pay need to look internally. Instead of complaining about Logan Paul’s pay, think about why more people don’t want to watch you fight.

Ernest Vicente
June 11, 2021 11:24 am

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul is making a mockery of boxing. Do I agree? Not at all. Boxing has already made a mockery of itself. Boxing has so much potential. It is ruined by corruption, incompetence and an inability by the governing bodies to make fights that the fans want.

A fight in the 90s that fans wanted to see was Riddick Bowe vs Lennox Lewis. Never happened. We wanted to see the rematch between Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko. Never happened. We all want to see Terrence Crawford vs Errol Spence. No progress there. And now when Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua was all set, it gets cancelled. It is infuriating how the best fights can’t get made.

Then the corruption, all the way from the referees to the judges. I’ve written about how Gennady Golovkin got robbed in his first fight against Canelo Alvarez. The whole world agrees that Canelo lost that fight, but the official scorecard will leave Canelo’s performance that night unblemished. Then when Floyd Mayweather fought Canelo Alvarez in September 2013, Canelo received a clear cut beatdown. There was no question that Canelo was outclassed that night. But one judge, CJ Ross, scored it a draw at 114-114. How ridiculous. Good thing he retired after this fight.

If anything Mayweather Paul will be bringing in a new fan base for boxing. Many fans like myself are getting fed up with the politics and corruption of boxing. I love the sport but don’t feel right paying out of my wallet when fans are routinely shafted. Maybe big name fights like this are what the boxing world needs to revitalize the sport. We certainly aren’t getting it from big name fighters. If the governing bodies and promoters see that ‘influencer’ fights are generating more interest than their existing fights, then that should be a wake up call for them all.

Get your act together. Stamp out corruption. Punish incompetence. And get the best to fight the best. Otherwise the sport of boxing will be relegated to influencer fights and exhibitions.

Sefa Kozan
June 10, 2021 10:08 pm

Because Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul was an exhibition fight there was no official winner. If you scored each bout as you would a regular boxing match then Floyd won. If you look at it from the perspective of a YouTuber surviving against one of the greatest boxers of all time, then Logan won. I will repeat what many others are saying. After receiving their paychecks, we can confidently say they both won!

Many predictions were that Logan Paul wouldn’t be able to hang with Floyd in the ring. Granted, Floyd is no longer a twenty-something up-and-comer, but he has fought some of the best boxers in the world and come out victorious. Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez, Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto. The first two on that list are guaranteed Hall of Famers. The consensus was that Floyd is now in his 40s but his experience alone would be enough to handle someone 18 years younger, 34lbs heavier, 6 inches taller and miles less experienced. In short, no one gave Logan a chance. In fact Logan’s boxing record going into the fight was 1 draw and 1 loss.

The match turned out differently than expected. Initially I believed Floyd could have ended it whenever he wanted. A part of me reluctantly believes the story of Logan being a strong, athletic individual and Floyd no longer being what he once was, which is why there was no stunning victory. The other part of me thinks this was heavily staged and designed to make both fighters look good afterwards, maybe even creating the opportunity for a rematch bout for a full 12 rounds.

During Logan’s ring walk I detected some hidden nervousness. Boxers try to cover this up. They come out pretending to be brimming with confidence. If your opponent has a reputation as the best boxer of our generation then even your best poker face will be hard to maintain.

From the 1st round Floyd was his naturally defensive self, reacting at lightning speed to any offensive movement from Paul. The round was for lack of a better word, dull, until the end when Paul tried to unleash a flurry of punches without success. Not much happened as each fighter got comfortable being in the ring. In Floyd’s previous fights he hasn’t given up such a large size and reach advantage before so perhaps he was being overly cautious at the beginning.

By round 3 Floyd started pushing forward and being the aggressor as Paul started to clinch more often. A similar tactic that Floyd used against McGregor in their August 2017 bout. In round 3 both fighters took some heavy shots. It makes me question again whether this was staged or legitimate. To make the fight look credible, each fighter would have agreed to take some big shots. Or maybe, just maybe it was a real non-predetermined fight!

By round 5 the conditioning of the two fighters was apparent. Paul was breathing heavily as Floyd pushed forward. You could get a sense that Floyd wanted a knockout, launching some big shots and narrowly missing. And by round 6 I became convinced that the fight was legitimate. To me it looked like Floyd was becoming desperate to knock out Paul and Paul was doing all he could to clinch and take up valuable time in the rounds; just to survive.

At the end of the fight Logan Paul was ecstatic. Why? He had survived 8 rounds with one of the best to enter the ring. Perhaps on purpose, people are talking about the fight. Did Floyd let Logan Paul survive? Was he really trying? If their goal was to get people to talk about the fight, consider it mission accomplished.

Alex Bakalov
June 12, 2021 4:17 pm

Some reports say Floyd Mayweather is embarrassed by his own performance. Prior to the exhibition fight Floyd said he had no strategy. He just had to turn up and he would get the job done without a sweat. “If I want it to go one round”, Floyd said. “It’ll go one round… It’s all up to me.” Take that interview with a pinch of salt because it’s very funny.

In the post-fight interview Logan said he would be asking himself if Floyd let him survive. Even Logan wasn’t sure if Floyd had gone easy on him. Who knows? What I can say is that someone’s reputation can be built up so high that expectations can’t be met. Let me explain.

I’m a gamer. I have been for a long time. Between now and when I started gaming in the mid 1990s, I have had countless gaming sessions. However the one game I remember most vividly is a game of Quake 2 against a very good player. At the time I was registered on a leaderboard. You would challenge other players and once the match was over, you would report the result on the leaderboard site.

The number 1 player on the leaderboard had quite the reputation. He was considered the best in the servers we played on. I had watched many demos of him beating other players who I couldn’t beat. It would be fair to say I studied his movement and strategies. Then the day came when he challenged me. I wasn’t ever a great player. I was good (if I may say so myself) but not one of the best, so I fully expected to get slaughtered.

As the game started I was very nervous. “If I can make this slightly competitive, I will be happy”, I thought to myself.. But something strange happened. My opponent wasn’t as good as I had expected. I was getting kills on him, and I wasn’t even playing particularly well. Eventually my opponent won the match 10-6. I always look back at this game because I don’t believe my opponent beat me. I beat myself. I had built up such a reputation as this person being such an amazing player that I didn’t put in full effort. I had lost the match even before it began.

So let’s bring this back to Floyd and Logan. Logan came into the match to win. He didn’t let the situation get the better of him. Floyd was probably overconfident. How could he lose to a YouTube star? Also even though Floyd was a great boxer, he is human after all. Just like my Quake 2 opponent wasn’t this amazing player I expected, Floyd isn’t superhuman either – especially several years after his retirement. The fight very well could have been a letdown for Floyd. There comes a time in every athlete’s career where you can no longer do what you once could.

Then again maybe Floyd isn’t embarrassed at all by his performance. Maybe it’s what he planned all along. Some things don’t add up. Logan Paul didn’t have a stool to rest on during rounds. The camera cut to Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, very often showing his reaction. There is now talk of a fight between Floyd and Jake. Another theory doing the rounds is that Floyd had to hold up Logan after hitting him flush on the chin, otherwise Logan would have crumpled to the floor and been out for the count.

In conclusion us regular, casual fans won’t know for sure if the fight was fixed or Floyd didn’t perform at his usual best. If Floyd and Jake will be getting in a ring, you can be sure that it will be a big money fight. Maybe it was planned all along 🤔

Sean Ellis
June 12, 2021 6:19 pm

Out of all the reactions to Mayweather-Paul, Saul Canelo Alvarez’s had to be the best! A simple facepalm sums it up 🤦‍♂️ Funnily enough many people took the opportunity to troll Canelo, saying Logan Paul performed better than Canelo did when he faced Mayweather in the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Does this whole escapade disrespect the sport of boxing? Maybe a little. We all know that if Canelo got in the ring with Logan Paul, it would be a massacre. No one who has even a modest appreciation of boxing thinks Logan Paul is on the same level. It also casts a shadow over the hurdles professional boxers have to climb; fighting in the amateurs, padding their records in the early stages of their careers and then earning big money fights.

At the end of the day we have to see this for what it is. Entertainment. The fight is ruffling some feathers in the sports and boxing world. This is a good thing. It stimulates change and creativity. Like everything else, boxing has to adapt to changing times. Where the road leads, no one knows. But it feels like exciting times are ahead.