We support the people of Palestine! 🇵🇸
We support the people of Palestine! 🇵🇸

Countries with the most smartphone users

Once a rare and unique item, the smartphone is now very much ubiquitous in many countries. Not having a smartphone is the exception. The countries with the highest number of mobile phone users and their corresponding penetration rates (percentage of the population that has smartphones) are listed below:

  1. China, 910.14M users, 63.8% penetration
  2. India, 647.53M users, 45.7% penetration
  3. United States, 249.29M users, 73.7% penetration
  4. Indonesia, 192.15M users, 69.7% penetration
  5. Brazil, 138.85M users, 64.5% penetration
  6. Russia, 105.9M users, 73.2% penetration
  7. Japan, 97.23M users, 78.4% penetration
  8. Mexico, 80.63M users, 63.2% penetration
  9. Nigeria, 80.45M users, 36.8% penetration
  10. Philippines, 70.61M users, 61.1% penetration

China’s number of smartphone users is by far the highest, approaching the 1 billion mark. India also has an enormous number of smartphone users, well over the half billion point. Although both countries boast the highest absolute numbers, their penetration rates are comparatively low; 63.8% and 45.7% for China and India respectively, meaning there is still opportunity in both countries for considerable growth in smartphone usage.

Source of data: newzoo.

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