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  • Situations and Insights – A different user experience

    Here at Plozee we’re all about insights 🙂 It’s what differentiates us as a platform and provides a structure for unique and engaging user contributions. By focusing on insights our intention is to create a different user experience. One in which people learn about various aspects of a situation and may even look at it […] More

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  • What is an insight?

    So you’ve found Plozee 🙂 You see that we post situations and insights. But what is an insight? At Plozee we define an insight as knowledge, information or experience in relation to a situation. Let’s look at the situation Over 60 million people work in the US gig economy. The insights that have been posted […] More

  • How is Plozee different?

    Insights! This is the focus at Plozee and it’s what makes us different from other platforms out there. When a user posts a situation, we’re not looking for just any ‘comments’ to that situation. We want you to share insights about that situation! Let’s look at a quick example. On a regular platform, someone can […] More

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