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Bartman #1: Bongo Comics

Bartman #1, Bongo Comics

In 1993 Bongo Comics Group published its first issue of Bartman (along with Simpsons Comics, Itchy & Scratchy and Radioactive Man). The decision for the Simpsons to enter the comic book arena was explained in Simpsons Comics #1, which involved building on Bongo’s lifelong love for comics and injecting humour into the pages.

In the first issue of Bartman, Bart Simpson gets an F in his school assignment and has to spend his vacation time in summer school. During an after-school visit to Comic Book Guy’s store, he learns of a Captain Squid comic worth $50. It’s priced so high because of a defect in the printing, making it ultra-rare, and extra expensive.

The next day after a school trip to the Springfield Paper and Printing Company, Milhouse spots resident Springfield bully, Jimbo in the comic book store conversing with Comic Book Guy; quite strange since Jimbo said earlier that comic books were for babies!

Milhouse informs Bartman of his sightings and Bartman returns to the Paper and Printing Company to see Jimbo, Dolph & Kearney with a limited supply of non-enhanced comics. He foils their plot to supply these ‘error’ comics to Comic Book Guy, and in doing so, also has a relevant topic for his midterm assignment on ‘Wonders of the Marketplace’.

Bongo also provides us with Bart’s Top Bottom 40, which understandably includes Lisa’s saxophone and Principal Skinner’s special file on him.

Bart's Bottom 40, Bartman #1, Bongo Comics
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