Bart vs. The World, Bart and The Beanstalk, Bart Meets Radioactive Man, Virtual Bart

In 1994 the Nintendo vs Sega console war was in full swing and The Simpsons was on a popularity high, achieving viewership numbers of around 20 million per episode. This created ideal conditions for Simpsons-related video games.

Bart vs. The World, as the name suggests, involves Bart traveling around the world and frustrating the plans of Mr. Burns. “Excellent.”

Bart and The Bean Stalk was a game for the Nintendo Game Boy in which Bart uses his trusty slingshot to fend off a range of animal-themed enemies.

Bartman Meets Radioactive Man is a game where the normal, everyday Bart Simpson jumps into the comic book world to become Bartman, and faces enemies that are holding Radioactive Man captive.

Virtual Bart

Virtual Bart, released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis, involves a variety of sub-games in a virtual reality machine. Did The Simpsons predict the metaverse too!? By completing these games, Bart is able to escape the virtual reality machine he finds himself trapped in.

And here’s the same ad as before with a different title. The Simpsons’ A/B testing was ahead of the game too…

Bart Simpson Unplugged

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