What is Plozee?

Plozee is a community platform to get and share insight 🙂

How does it work?

1) A user adds a situation e.g. Brazil wins 2002 FIFA World Cup. No question, no request, no recommendation. JUST the situation and some supporting information if you’d like.

2) The Plozee community then contributes insights to that situation. These insights can vary considerably. Maybe you were there and you noticed the Brazilian team applying a specific strategy. Or perhaps you know about an injury a key player had during the match. Feel free to share!

3) By focusing on insights instead of ‘comments’, we get a lot more value. We can learn about various aspects of a situation, and may even view the situation in ways we hadn’t considered before 🙂

Why is there a character minimum for each insight?

We want you to delve a bit deeper into the insights you share. We feel there’s more value to be had from a descriptive and in-depth insight than a single-word or one-line comment you’ll find on other platforms. The character minimum is set at 250 characters.