We support the people of Palestine! 🇵🇸
We support the people of Palestine! 🇵🇸

1990s Nintendo Registration Card

Back when companies couldn’t just monitor your browsing behaviour to learn about you and create a profile of your interests, they had to get information the old fashioned way – through surveys.

1990s Nintendo registration card

They’d start off slowly with questions about where you bought your latest Nintendo game, how many games you had bought in the last year, what other gaming devices you had and what type of game you enjoyed the most.

1990s Nintendo registration card

Things would still be fairly on-topic, asking what gaming devices you planned to buy, how many hours a week you play video games, what makes a good game in your opinion, and other forms of entertainment you spend time on eg. TV, radio etc. Notice the internet isn’t there. That would become more prominent in the following years.

1990s Nintendo registration card

Then things get a lot more detailed, and the questions move beyond gaming and entertainment. The survey asks if you have a cat or dog and what brand of pet food you buy, whether you forsee the need for a personal loan in the future, and whether you’re considering certain types of investments.

1990s Nintendo registration card

On the final page of the Nintendo registration form is a brief, almost hidden question:

Are you connected to the Internet?

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