We support the people of Palestine! 🇵🇸
We support the people of Palestine! 🇵🇸

1980 Vertical Jump Ad – Be A Slam Dunker

Here’s an ad from 1980 that promises to increase your vertical jump by 6 inches in 6 weeks. Interest in increasing your jumping height hasn’t worn off. Today you’ll find innumerable articles, courses, YouTube videos and books that provide advice on how to jump higher.

Some are realistic in their projections while others tend to oversell their methods to entice customers. Businesses didn’t hold back in laying on the enticement, particularly in comic books, in which the general reader was likely to be an impressionable kid. Charles Atlas ads, for example, promised to turn you into a “he-man” in just 15 minutes a day. Other ads would imply you could get an “Atlas body” in 7 days. Joe Nazario took it a step further and promised large muscular improvements in only 90 seconds using his Tonometric system!

While there will always be outliers and hyper-responders to a particular vertical jump program, Jump Stronger suggests that you can realistically gain 3-12 inches in your vertical jump over a year.

This ‘Be A Slam Dunker’ ad was published in The Invincible Iron Man, Issue #132, 1980.

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